David Knight is still having a rough time…

After almost dying when another man’s memories were implanted in his brain, dancer David Knight is having a rough time. A year has passed, and the memories have disappeared but his anger over the incident remains.

While trying to find his new normal as a dancer in Canada’s premier dance company, he’s fired because of anger issues. But when friend and aging spymaster, Asher Fitzsimmons, offers him a three-day contract to spy on one of the world’s largest security software companies, he jumps at it. David soon finds himself embroiled in a corporate conspiracy that takes him to Japan to save the life of a billionaire’s daughter and uncover the greatest sleight of hand in history.

Can he survive the Tokyo Diversion?

A globetrotting espionage adrenaline rush that hooks from start to finish.”
Robert Dugoni – International & NY Times Bestselling Author Of the Tracy Crosswhite Series

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