Ballet dancer David Knight is having a rough night. After being abducted while touring in Amsterdam, he’s implanted with the memories from a cold war spy. A Silicon Valley billionaire needs him alive. A TV evangelist wants him dead. All he knows is he’s being hunted by people he doesn’t know, in a place he’s never been, driven by memories he doesn’t want. Can he survive long enough to unravel the secret in his head and save the life of his old friend?

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Winner – Best Thriller 2022 – Canadian Book Club awards

Bronze Metal – Suspense – Thriller – Espionage – 2023 Reader’s Favorite Awards

THE TOKYO DIVERSION – Now available!

David Knight is still having a rough time…

Having survived the implanting of another man’s memories, ballet dancer David Knight is struggling while trying to find his new normal. He’s dancing and living a pauper’s life, he’s fired from Canada’s premier dance company because of anger issues. But when friend and aging spymaster Asher Fitzsimmons offers him a a job for some light surveillance of one of the world’s largest security software companies, he jumps at it. However, David is soon embroiled in a corporate conspiracy that drags him to Japan to save the life of a billionaire’s daughter and uncover the greatest sleight of hand in history.

Will David Knight survive The Tokyo Diversion?

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