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Argentina Visa for Canadians and searching for a printer in Sao Paulo Airport

I’ve been traveling to South America this week for work. As a Canadian, at the Bogota airport, I needed to pay a ~ $100 reciprocity fee for a Canadian coming into the country. I didn’t mind paying the fee – … Continue reading

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What kind of story are you writing?

The late Blake Synder in the last screenwriting book you will ever need Save the Cat says there’s 10 types of movies out there. Monster in the house ( Jaws, Alien, Fatal attraction) Golden Fleece  ( Wizard of Oz, Star … Continue reading

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Start the week out with a day at FBI Headquarters

On Monday this week, I attended a full day seminar with 100 other writers at the FBI’s New York city office as part of the #thrillerfest writers conference.  The seminar was outstanding.  At the end of the day, we were … Continue reading

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Gentlemen ( and Ladies) Start your engines – Nano is about to begin.

I’m starting nano in two days.  That means for the new writers out there, I will be in a pedal to the metal, hair blown straight  back, caffeine fueled  frenzy to get at least 1667 words per day to … Continue reading

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Plotter or Write without a Net?

  In New York in July, I attended a writing conference and had the opportunity to ask a number of best seller authors are you a Plotter or Pantser? I was surprised at the remarks. From a panel of six  … Continue reading

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Making Scrivener a touch more useful

I’m putting the final polish on a thriller. After one of my readers (who’s a writer I respect) suggested my pacing needed some tuning.  As in, I needed to have some catch-your-breath scenes after rising action. I found a few … Continue reading

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