Argentina Visa for Canadians and searching for a printer in Sao Paulo Airport

I’ve been traveling to South America this week for work. As a Canadian, at the Bogota airport, I needed to pay a ~ $100 reciprocity fee for a Canadian coming into the country. I didn’t mind paying the fee – especially because there was a special line for Canadians that allowed me to bypass 200 other people in line.

I traveled to São Paulo next and had the special Brazil Visa in my passport that I had applied and received about 2 months prior.

Last stop (where I’m writing this from) is Buenos Aires in Argentina. A few weeks ago, I’d received a notice to login to an Argentinian government website and pay a $90 Canadian reciprocity fee and print out the receipt and bring it with me to the airport.

I’d forgotten to do that.

We arrived at GRU ( São Paulo Airport) about 3 hours before the flight. But I wasn’t allowed to check in because I didn’t have the damn visa paid for and printed.

I asked – “where is there a computer and printer?”  The agent said “in Terminal 3”  – we were in Terminal 2.

My colleague grabbed my bags and we started towards Terminal 3. We stopped at Avianca customer service. Couldn’t help. We stopped at the airport customer service. Couldn’t help. The GRU customer service said there was a computer and printer in the Lockers in Terminal 2 and 3. As we were flying from Terminal 2 – we went back to find the mythical lockers with the computer and printer so I could print out my damn visa.

Big mistake.

I did find the lockers in terminal 2 but no computer or printer to be found. My bad as I don’t understand Portuguese but my frustration level was pretty high. Finally we went back to Terminal 3, found the lockers and low and behold two computers and printer that could be rented by the minute.

Here’s the link   I used Chrome so I could translate it to English.

img_1575.jpgAs you can see I’m not happy – or happy my fellow traveler documented the event.

But I made the flight and got into Argentina just fine.

My hope is that other poor Canadians in the same situation will google for “Sao Paulo Airport (GRU) Printer or Cyber cafe” will see that the ONLY one is in Terminal 3 in the lockers which is outside the terminal’s arrival area.

ImageGlass - 1213 file(s) - CUsersIBM_ADMINDownloadsterminal-3-desembarque_2017-07-15_18-50-15


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  1. Tony Ollivier says:

    Vancouver airport Computer and printer rental is available in the business center in international departures


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