What kind of story are you writing?


The late Blake Synder in the last screenwriting book you will ever need Save the Cat says there’s 10 types of movies out there.

Monster in the house ( Jaws, Alien, Fatal attraction)
Golden Fleece  ( Wizard of Oz, Star wars, Back to the Future)
Out of the Bottle (Liar, Liar ; Bruce Almighty, Freaky Friday)
Dude with a Problem (Die Hard, Titanic, The Martian)
Rites of Passage (Ordinary People, 10)
Buddy Love (Rain Man, Dumb and Dumber)
WhyDunit ( Chinatown, JFK)
The Fool Triumphat (Forest Gump, Being There)
Institutionalized (MASH, Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest)
SuperHero ( Superman, Batman, Dracula, Gladiator)

The categories are nice and understandable but usually there’s  something deeper going on.

In Bob and Jack’s Writing Blog, the boys talk about the 6 Core Stories  and use some of the great myths or archetypal stories to explain it.,

King Replacement
Queen Replacement
Rags to Riches
Grail Quest
Revenge/Scapegoat Quest
Coming of Age

So what’s your story about?  Regardless if you do a Myth based view or a category view, your story needs to be about something.  Did the bad man murder your father and now you seek revenge? ( Star Wars: King Replacement)  or is an unstoppable robot from the future trying to kill you to stop the birth of your son (Coming of Age:  Terminator)

If you are starting #nanowrimo2015 tomorrow morning (or today), it might help if you know what kind of story do you want to write.

However the MOST important part of Nano writing is to write. Don’t stop. Don’t edit. Don’t cross out. Write fast. Write bold. and finish the damn thing.


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